Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore

Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore

Site Overview

Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore is on the northern bank of the River Thames. It comprises two parts: the main construction area which is located to the west of, and under, Blackfriars Road Bridge, and a smaller secondary area (Blackfriars Pier), located to the east of Blackfriars Rail Bridge. The purpose of the secondary site is for the construction of a replacement for Blackfriars Millennium Pier, which lies within the main construction site.

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In our application for development consent this site intercepts the existing local combined sewer overflow (CSO), known as the Fleet Main CSO, and connects it to the northern Low Level Sewer No.1 to divert flows to the main tunnel.

Construction Works

The work will comprise construction of a new area of reclaimed land in the foreshore, in front of the existing river wall and opposite Sion College. This area will contain underground structures to connect the CSO and the low level sewer to a shaft approximately 53 metres deep with an internal diameter of approximately 24 metres. The shaft is required to transfer sewage flows from the CSO to the main tunnel.

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While most structures will be within the new areas of reclaimed land in the foreshore, several ventilation columns, a kiosk and public realm furniture will be permanent above ground features. In addition the works will include a new pier to replace Blackfriars Millennium Pier.

Construction is assumed to start in 2016 and will take approximately four years. Where appropriate some advance works may be carried out before the main construction period.

These works, along with our works at Victoria Embankment Foreshore and Chelsea Embankment Foreshore, mean that we do not need additional sites to intercept ten CSOs between Battersea Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge.

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