In our application for development consent this site is used as a double drive site. We would drive one section of the main tunnel westward to Carnwath Road Riverside and drive another section of the tunnel eastward to Chambers Wharf. There are no combined sewer overflows at this site, so there would be no connection to the existing sewerage system.

The Kirtling Street site is on the southern bank of the River Thames. The site comprises four areas of land as well as an area extending into the Thames. The location of the site is shown below.

Construction is assumed to start in 2016 and be complete by 2022. Where appropriate some advance works may be carried out before the main construction period.

Work includes construction of a shaft approximately 48 metres deep with an internal diameter of approximately 30 metres, in the northern half of Kirtling Wharf that is currently used by Cemex as a concrete batching works.

While most of the operational structures would be underground, a single structure combining a ventilation column and kiosk would be a permanent above ground feature.


Please refer to the application documentation on the Planning Inspectorate’s website (link below) for full details of our proposals for this site.

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