In our application for development consent this site is used to drive the Greenwich connection tunnel, a long connection tunnel which connects the combined sewer overflows (CSOs) at Greenwich Pumping Station, Deptford Church Street and Earl Pumping Station to the main tunnel at Chambers Wharf.

The proposed site consists of Thames Water’s existing operational Greenwich Pumping Station site and associated buildings, two railway viaducts that bisect the site and Phoenix Wharf.  The location of the site is shown below.

Construction is assumed to start in 2016 and be complete by 2021. Where appropriate some advance works may be carried out before the main construction period.

Work includes construction of underground structures to connect the CSO to a shaft approximately 46 metres deep with an internal diameter of approximately 17 metres. This shaft would be built within the existing Greenwich Pumping Station compound to the north of the existing pumping station building. The existing Grade II listed East Beam Engine House would be refurbished to house ventilation equipment and electrical and control panels.

While most of the operational structures would be below ground, the shaft would be finished approximately one metre above ground level, with access covers situated on top, to allow inspection and maintenance of the shaft.

Please refer to the application documentation on the Planning Inspectorate’s website (link below) for full details of our proposals for this site.