In our application for development consent this site receives the tunnel from Chambers Wharf and connects the main tunnel to the Lee Tunnel, which would transfer sewage flows to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works.

Abbey Mills Pumping Station is an existing Thames Water pumping station site.

Construction is assumed to start in 2018 and be complete by 2021. Where appropriate some advance works may be carried out before the main construction period.

Abbey Mills - Site Plan

A shaft approximately 66 metres deep with an internal diameter of approximately 20 metres would be constructed between the Prescott Channel and the Lee Tunnel shaft.

While most of the operational structures would be underground, ventilation structures and a kiosk would be permanent above ground features.

Above ground pumping stationAbove ground pumping station
Please refer to the application documentation on the Planning Inspectorate’s website (link below) for full details of our proposals for this site.