About the project

Thames Tideway Tunnel is one of the largest construction projects of its type in Europe. Construction on the project is due to start in 2015 and will involve 24 construction sites across London.

Work will be split geographically into three main works construction contracts worth a total of around £1.6 billion – west (£300m – £500m), central (£600m – £950m) and east (£500m – £800m). The pre-qualification questionnaire for these main construction works contracts has been issued and the shortlisted contractors confirmed – please refer to our press release and this works opportunities slide.

The project is expected to be financed and delivered by an independent Infrastructure Provider (IP), with its own licence from Ofwat. Thames Water, Government and Ofwat are continuing to work together to finalise the financing arrangements for the project. Procurement of the new IP is expected to begin in 2014 and is anticipated to take between six to nine months.

What and how Thames Tideway Tunnel buys

Thames Tideway Tunnel aims to provide prospective companies across all tiers, with visibility of both Thames Tideway Tunnel and its supply chain’s requirements and opportunities.

Opportunities will fall into two categories: direct with Thames Tideway Tunnel and indirect with the Thames Tideway Tunnel’s Tier 1 contractors and associated supply chain.

Thames Tideway Tunnel will be directly procuring and managing a relatively small number of Tier 1 contractors – please refer to the Opportunity Slides. Tier 1’s in turn will be buying a wide variety of goods, services and works from a large number of smaller suppliers and contractors.

Companies can view the planned Tier 1 contracts on this current opportunities slide that includes any Contract Notices published.

Direct opportunities

Thames Tideway Tunnel is a publicly funded project and therefore, is subject to the Utilities Contracts Regulations. Direct opportunities valued above the EU thresholds will be advertised through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

You will be able to find all Thames Tideway Tunnel OJEU Contract Notices on the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website and each notice will provide details of the particular opportunity and, for interested organisations, instructions on how to respond.

Our smaller direct contracts (below EU thresholds), where appropriate, will be advertised on CompeteFor.

Indirect Opportunities

For opportunities with our Tier 1 Contractors (and potentially sub-tier’s within), you may wish to contact them directly and they will individually advise you on how to work with them on the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Thames Tideway Tunnel will require Tier 1 Contractors to advertise all appropriate opportunities on CompeteFor. Once you have registered your business and published a CompeteFor business profile, you will automatically receive email alerts for appropriate tender opportunities.

NB – opportunities are updated on a regular basis. Always check this page for the most up-to-date version.

To register your interest, please respond to the contract notice as requested. For further information, please email procurement@tidewaytunnels.co.uk.

Industry Day

The Thames Tideway Tunnel Industry Day was held on the River Thames on Tuesday, 20 August, 2013. The event was attended by more than 230 people, including Tier One contractors and stakeholders.

The Industry Day presentations are now available as slides. You can view a video from the August 2013 Industry Day below.


 Infrastructure Investment World Europe Conference 2013

On Wednesday, 28 November 2013, Mike Gerrard, the Managing Director for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, opened the second day of the Infrastructure Investment World Europe Conference 2013 held in London. In his presentation, Mike outlined the scope of the project, how it would be delivered, the role Thames Water would play and the Infrastructure Provider (IP) investment highlights and opportunities.

The event was attended by potential investors in the project including pension funds, private equity funds, asset managers and investment banks.

The presentation from the day is now available.

 8th Annual Infrastructure Investors Forum Europe 2014

Mike Gerrard presenting at the 8th Annual Infrastructure Investors Forum 2014

Mike Gerrard presenting at the 8th Annual Infrastructure Investors Forum 2014

On Tuesday, 11 February 2014, Mike Gerrard, the Managing Director for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, delivered a keynote presentation at the 8th Annual Infrastructure Investors Forum Europe 2014. In his presentation Mike outlined how the project would be financed as well as some of the unique features designed to manage the risks involved in delivering a project of this scale.

The presentation from the day is now available here.


Initial Briefing Document

Following publication of Periodic Indicative Notice 7178-2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and the initiation of the associated market engagement exercise,  any parties interested in participating in the procurement wishing to request an electronic copy of the Initial Briefing Document are invited to e mail their request to ip.procurement@tidewaytunnels.co.uk.

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