Historical image of tunnel workersThe Environment Minister, an Olympic champion, an historian, two river traders, a resident and a representative of London’s business community have all given their support to the Thames Tideway Tunnel to help clean up the River Thames.

This week, we’ll be releasing one video message a day from a voice of London who believes that the tunnel is the only suitable solution to help tackle the current problem of tens of millions of tonnes of untreated sewage which discharges into the tidal river every year.

We’ll start with Dr Stephen Halliday, the author of ‘The Great Stink’ who has a PhD in the history of London’s main drainage and the work of Sir Joseph Bazalgette.

MP Richard Benyon, Minister for the Environment, says: “The Government support a full-length tunnel solution to help clean up the Thames. We are doing this because we think this is the only way of making sure one of the most important rivers flowing through one of the most important cities in the world is fit for the future. We would love there to be a sustainable drainage retrofit solution but we think that would be much more expensive and much more disruptive to the people of London.”

Double Olympic rowing champion Andrew Triggs Hodge has called for action to stop the river being treated as an ‘open sewer’ and says Britain needs to be ‘bold and brave’ in getting the Thames Tideway Tunnel built.

Chas Newens, who owns a marine hire company at Putney, and Dominic Coughlin, a pleasure boat captain, both give their support for the project to clean up the river which they work on.

Baroness Jo Valentine is chief executive of London First, which promotes London as the best city in the world to do business with. She gave her message of support at a procurement event for the Thames Tideway Tunnel last month.

And Caroline Hampden-White, from Wapping, is the leader of the resident’s association for her block of flats and is supporting the project to improve the riverside location where she lives.

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