We’re looking at ways to minimise and manage the potential impact of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project on local communities. As part of this, our application for development consent has considered options for the transportation of construction and excavated material.

Taking into account feedback received from neighbouring residents and London-wide transport groups, our strategy prioritises river transport at sites wherever practical. The guide to our transport strategy (below) outlines how we intend to reduce the potential pressure on London’s road network by moving more material by river.

Some of our main aims and commitments:

  • Extensive use of river transport across all 11 construction sites located next to the tidal River Thames
  • 4.2 million tonnes of material to be moved by river, a 9% increase since our plans at phase two consultation
  • 262,000 (61%) reduction in the total number of lorries required during the lifetime of the project as a result of using river transport

For more detailed information, please consult our development consent application, report 7.09, Transport Strategy available on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

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